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Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene

The business philosophy for Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Management is to “put our people first – because the wealth of business depends on the health of workers.”

Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene requirements are implemented through policy developments, procedures and guidelines that ensure workers are medically fit and adequately protected against all physical, chemical and biological health hazards in the workplace.

The two key business objectives of Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Management are Health Protection and Health Promotion.


The Health Protection of workers is ensured by identifying health hazards and assessing existing and potential risks to their health. It also involves monitoring whether workers have been exposed to health hazards and implementing improved work place controls against those health risks. This is also supported by establishing robust emergency response and recovery measures against any adverse situations such as medical emergencies.

The Health Promotion of workers is ensured through awareness activities that focus on issues which contributing to establishing good personal and public health. These activities include wellness campaigns and health education towards encouraging and reinforcing safe and healthy behavior among workers as per best industry practice, as well as statutory and international standards.