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August 07, 2023 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Dolphin Energy Limited today released details of its 14th sustainability report, covering the company’s operations and activities for 2022.

The report was developed using the GRI Standards: Core Option and the IPIECA oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting. In addition, the company’s performance is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Commenting on the details of the report, Dolphin Energy’s CEO, Mr. Obaid Abdulla Al Dhaheri, said: “With 95% of our sustainability commitments registered, we witnessed a strong performance across all five strategic pillars of our sustainability framework. We have been able to develop and enhance our environmental, economic, and societal responsibilities and where required, made improvements in our sustainability requirements to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We continue to be very robust, and we are maintaining the standards in a way that allows us to make a meaningful contribution to the challenges we all face.

“Furthermore, we have taken important steps to embed Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) values into the business by completing the first of three major milestones in our ESG journey plan.”

In support of Dolphin Energy’s strong operational performance, the company achieved ISO 9001 certification, registering a 52% decrease in the Lost Time Frequency rate and a 35% reduction in the Total Recordable Injury Rate. Meanwhile, zero unplanned supply disruptions were recorded.

Notable environmental achievements include a 1.2% decrease in total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), an 81% reduction in venting and a 69% decrease in SO2 emissions. Furthermore, the company recorded a 14.7% decrease in water consumption. There were zero recordable spills and a 1.7% reduction in direct energy consumption.

In 2022, Dolphin Energy increased environmental expenditure by 13%. The company also unveiled a decarbonization roadmap, building on a program launched in 2012, backed by a strong governance and accountability framework comprising HSE&S, GHG and Sustainability policies.

Five priority areas will drive Dolphin Energy’s commitment over the next decade and beyond. Commenting further, Mr Ali Alrahbi, General Manager-Qatar, Dolphin Energy Limited, said: “Whether we’re focusing on developing a low carbon culture, setting targets for lower emissions, developing a lower carbon approach for new projects, embracing new technologies or engaging with stakeholders, this new roadmap supports UAE and Qatar national climate action plans and global climate goals.”

In the area of nationalization, the company registered an Emiratization rate of 72% and achieved 30.1% Qatarization. There was a 12% increase in female new hires and a 67% increase in the number of women in management. There was a 2% increase in community contributions while US$217 million was spent on local suppliers.

Copies of the 2022 report are available on www.sustainability.dolphinenergy.com