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July 17, 2022 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dolphin Energy Limited Marks 15 Years of Operations

Dolphin Energy Limited today is marking 15 years of operations. In that time, the company has imported 2 billion standard cubic feet (scf) of natural gas into the UAE and Oman every day.

Commenting on the achievement, Dolphin Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Obaid Abdulla Al Dhaheri, said: “This is an important milestone in our history and one that could not have been possible without the vision and support of our leaders who gave us the encouragement and will to succeed, in addition to the support of our governments, our shareholders, our customers, and the efforts of our employees.”

The Dolphin Gas Project was launched in 1999 with a vision to drive and develop energy cooperation across the GCC. After nine years planning, construction and development, first gas flowed from Qatar to the UAE on July 10, 2007. Full throughput of natural gas was reached in February 2008 and volumes of gas started flowing to Oman in October of the same year.

In the 15 years since operations started, the Project has achieved the following: 10.7 trillion standard cubic feet of natural gas delivered, and 485 million barrels of condensate sold to international markets. In addition, 11.9 million metric tons of propane, 6.9 million metric tons of butane, 3.8 million metric tons of sulfur and 18.4 million metric tons of ethane have been produced. “These successes demonstrate the strong spirit of partnership and collaboration with QatarEnergy which has been a strong and unstinting advocate of the Project since inception. To this day, they continue to be a vital source of support,” said Mr. Al Dhaheri.

He added, “We will continue to play our role in supporting energy security across the GCC. We will ensure we produce natural gas in the safest possible way, deliver on our commitment to sustainability, and extend our adoption of digitalization which is proving to be extremely effective.

“Beyond the operational aspects of the Project, the company has used training and development to recruit and develop its employees with an emphasis on nationalization. Today we are proud that all executive positions in the company in both the UAE and Qatar are held by nationals and that we have reached 71% Emiratization and 30% Qatarization,” Mr. Al Dhaheri explained.

Dolphin Energy has also sponsored and supported many important community programs and initiatives in the UAE and Qatar. With a focus on environmental protection, societal growth, and development over the last 15 years the company has forged important alliances with The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Ras Laffan Community Outreach Program and the Qatar Ministry of Environment. Further collaboration has been made with other institutions including Qatar University, TEXAS A&M University and Emirates Foundation, among many others.

Expanding on the company’s commitments to the environment and its communities, Mr Ali Alrahbi, General Manager – Qatar said, “A strong commitment to the environment and the communities where we operate has always run parallel with our operational obligations. We have been able to develop a strong track record because our actions have focused on protecting the environment, correct ethical conduct, social responsibility, and growth.

“Our decarbonization program, which was launched in 2012 to reduce our carbon footprint and implement energy efficiency initiatives, is more important now than ever and the long-term roadmap is helping strive for carbon neutrality,” explained Mr. Alrahbi.

Dolphin Energy also continues to play a leading role in the development of the sustainability agenda in both the UAE and Qatar. Its sustainability strategy is aligned to supporting the National Visions of both countries and the company engages with stakeholders that help drive social, environmental, and economic development.

The company has reported its sustainability performance every year since 2010 and is about to unveil details of its 13 th report in August. In this time, Dolphin Energy has received four awards for Best Sustainability Report from the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group. Once again, the report will demonstrate how Dolphin Energy has aligned its activities against the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals, GRI standards, Oil and Gas Sector Disclosures and the IPIECA oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting.

“We can be proud of our achievements and with how far we have come. As we look ahead, our focus is firmly fixed on ensuring the safe, reliable delivery of natural gas for our customers, the development and wellbeing of our people and support for the communities in which we operate,” Mr. Alrahbi concluded.