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October 10, 2016 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dolphin Energy Issues 2015 Sustainability Report

Dolphin Energy Limited today released details of its seventh sustainability report, covering the company’s operations and activities for 2015.

The report was developed ‘in accordance’ with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines, option core, emphasizing on topics that are material to the business and key stakeholders. As such Dolphin Energy successfully completed the Materiality Disclosure Service provided by the GRI, confirming that the materiality disclosures are aligned with G4 requirements.

Notable achievements include the development of the Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS), the successful operation of three new export gas compressors and the drafting of a comprehensive greenhouse gas policy and strategy framework. In addition, the company registered a 15% increase in procurement spending awarded to local suppliers and has made progress in its industrial water management project.

Strong environmental performance has been reflected in the introduction of infrared cameras on the company’s offshore production platforms. This has led to a reduction in offshore flaring by 73% compared to 2014. In addition, the company launched Be’ati Watani – the online environmental education platform – across schools in Qatar.

In 2015, Dolphin Energy recorded a 50% reduction in the annual accident frequency rate and recorded 42 million man hours without reporting a single lost time incident (LTI). The company also rolled out the ‘Stop & Think’ and ‘Golden Safety Rules’ campaigns to enhance and strengthen the company’s commitment to safety. Furthermore, a safety culture survey was conducted to solicit views and experiences about the safety practices and procedures in place at the company, people’s attitudes and behaviors at the workplace, and their level of commitment to safety.

Community investment contributions reached just over the US$ 5 million mark as the company continued its support for programs, event and initiatives across culture, the arts, the environment, education and sport.

In the area of nationalization, Dolphin Energy registered 35% across both the UAE and Qatar while the company continued its commitment to the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs’ (MOPA) Absher Initiative by training a further 100 UAE Nationals in preparation for employment.

The company’s Qatarization commitments were recognized with the Qatar Petroleum Crystal Award in the field of Training and Development, from Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry - the third year running that company received the award.

Commenting on the details of the report, Dolphin Energy’s CEO, Mr Adel Ahmed Albuainain, said: “The integration of sustainability practices enables us to create long term benefits for the communities in which we operate, for our stakeholders and for our business. We are proud of our achievements to date and will focus on improvements where they need to be made so that we continue to build value in the years ahead.”

Copies of Dolphin Energy’s 2015 sustainability report are available on www.dolphinenergy.com