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April 22, 2014 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dolphin Energy To Showcase Brand New Water Management Project

Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 22, 2014: Dolphin Energy is to unveil details of its new proposal for its Industrial Water Management Project (IWMP) at the Qatar Petroleum Annual Environment Fair.

The project aims to reduce the quantity of wastewater being re-injected into the deep wells and maximize the internal reuse of wastewater by treating wastewater from the sulfur recovery units (SRUs) and boiler blow downs as well as from the oily water sewer which will be used as irrigation water using an existing sanitary water treatment package.

The produced water will be treated to remove the chemical Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor (KHI) as per Qatar Petroleum (QP) requirements and will continue to be injected. The IWMP consists of three packages addressing Sanitary Water, Non Salty Water and Wastewater Reinjection and there are plans to share FEED results with QP in the last quarter of 2014 prior to final implementation.

Commenting on the importance of water management, Mr. Adel Ahmed Albuainain, General Manager, Dolphin Energy Limited said: “As a leading energy company, Dolphin Energy has taken its environmental responsibilities very seriously and recognizes the environmental and economic value of water. Developing programs that minimize the use of fresh water through treating and recycling wastewater supports this and we’re delighted to showcase the project at this time.”  

The project complements efforts undertaken by the company in 2012 when Dolphin Energy implemented a modification of the wastewater treatment unit to enhance the quality and filtration of reinjection water prior to deep well injection.

Technical posters have been developed for display at the company’s purpose built stand, highlighting the new project and the company’s water conservation, consumption and waste water trends, as well as providing tips and messages to raise the public’s awareness on the need for water management.