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November 27, 2013 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ibrahim Al Ansaari, General Manager, Dolphin Energy, UAE and Nord Stream Director Ruurd Hoekstra sign the MOU.


Abu Dhabi – November 27th, 2013: Dolphin Energy Limited today announced it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nord Stream AG, the company that is providing a new natural gas supply route from Russia to Europe.

The MOU was signed in the presence of Dolphin Energy’s General Managers in the UAE and Qatar, Mr Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansaari and Mr Adel Ahmed Albuainain as well as Nord Stream AG Directors Ruurd Hoekstra and Henning Kothe. The MOU is due to last 5 years.

The agreement will provide opportunities for both parties to exchange operational and maintenance knowledge, insights and expertise regarding their high pressure gas networks and subsea pipeline systems. It will also look at how both can lend support to each other’s Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS). These systems are essential in ensuring minimum disruption to gas throughput in the event repairs need to be made to the pipeline.

The MOU is important because of the similarities that exist between Dolphin Energy and Nord Stream AG. There are technical similarities in that both parties are the only companies in the world that operate a 48 inch high pressure gas pipeline; both projects have been defined by the way each crossed borders and both play a very important role in their contribution to energy security in their respective locations.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Al Ansaari said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement because it will enhance our ability to respond to an emergency on our pipeline, in the event it takes place. Nord Stream covers almost four times the distance as the Dolphin Gas Project and is a phenomenal project. It demonstrates the high levels of technical knowhow and expertise that would be of benefit to us. We have a track record of working with best in class entities and Nord Stream exemplifies that. We welcome them as our partners.”

Outlining the company’s reasons for signing the MOU, Mr. Ruurd Hoekstra said: “Dolphin Energy have been reliably and safely operating their strategic pipeline system since 2007. This MOU allows us to tap into the expertise of our new partners and make best use of the synergies where they exist. Nord Stream and Dolphin Energy are looking to exchange experiences on gas transportation, automation, inspection works and pipeline integrity aspects. We both aim to ensure quick, efficient and reliable access to the best solutions suited to handle 48-inch offshore pipelines. With the similarities we share, this partnership is a natural fit.”