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The environment

Dolphin Energy has a well-established commitment to environmental programs and initiatives – a track record that began in development well before the company started operations in 2007.
In 2023, building on its commitment to environmental protection and stewardship, the company has expanded its partnerships.

Current Initiatives

Al Wathba Conservation Program

Dolphin Energy supports the Coral Conservation Program in partnership with The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

The program will run for 2 years and focuses on raising awareness and understanding of the value of corals and the conservation efforts that are in place to protect corals in the UAE, through producing a documentary on Coral Research and Conservation, in addition to producing a coffee table book on coral species.

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eDNA Marine Program

Dolphin Energy has partnered with a leading environmental non-profit organization to support the Scientific Innovation with an Environmental DNA (eDNA) program, which analyzes Abu Dhabi’s coastal waters to identify key species present.

The study will contribute to the conservation of marine life such as turtles, sharks and coral reefs, in addition to supporting the organization in implementing UAE Government biodiversity and sustainability policy commitments and strategic goals.

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Kalba Coral Transplantation Project

Dolphin Energy is a sponsor of the Kalba Coral Transplantation Project in partnership with the Environment & Protected Areas Authority (EPAA). This project involves the relocation and transplantation of coral colonies to the Kalba Breakwater, as part of the UAE’s conservation management strategy.

The Kalba Breakwater will be used as a nursery for coral reefs and a source of biodiversity for various species of marine life. The project aims to cultivate around 2 million colonies of coral reefs, along both sides of the breakwater, by 2024.

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Al Bithnah Conversation Project

As part of Dolphin Energy’s sponsorship with a leading environmental non-profit organization, the company is supporting the Al Bithnah Conservation Project which involves the restoration of ‘Al Bithnah Village’ in Fujairah. This will help conserve the village’s biodiversity and help improve natural ecosystems, habitats and species from degradation.

The project includes habitat rehabilitation of moringa trees to support the local honeybee population and grazing for livestock. The project also includes the installation of modern irrigation systems, helping empower local farms in the region to meet the demands of local food security.

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Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary – Mangrove Plantation

Dolphin Energy is collaborating with the Emirates Marine Environment Group (EMEG), on the mangrove plantation project in the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary.

The company will have a 3,765m2 area in which to plant 5,000 mangroves. The project falls in line with the UAE’s target goal to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030.

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In addition to these partnerships, Dolphin Energy will be collaborating on new sponsorship initiatives for 2024, which include:

NYUAD ‘Kawadar’ Program

Dolphin Energy will sponsor the ‘Kawader Program’ which was created to (i) help the country incentivize and support UAE Nationals in academia (ii) increase the research capabilities of the UAE, and (ii) empower women in research.

The program sponsors an Emirati research assistant for 2 to 3 years focusing on topics related to the climate challenge and offers opportunities for the research assistant to pursue a career with NYU or another organization on completion of the program.

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Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Dolphin Energy is partnering with MBZ Species Conservation Fund to expand the Chairman’s Award, a program that provides full support to projects that have requested larger money grants.

Currently, the award selects 6 projects per year for further development (following a process of review and voting by an Advisory Board of independent reviewers /conservation experts).

Dolphin Energy’s support creates an additional 4 awards per year, helping meet the increase in demand for conservation support and funding.

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