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VAT Registration Details

Dolphin Energy Ltd. has successfully registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our VAT Registration Number is: 100012226500003.



Dolphin Energy endorses initiatives that help develop young, talented UAE and Qatari Nationals. It supports a number of programs that are focused on career development and personal fulfillment.

Current Initiatives

Qatari Student Association in Texas A&M Qatar

Dolphin Energy has formed a close alliance with Texas A&M-Qatar on a number of important initiatives.

Summer Program
A summer internship program provides students with a flavor of the working environment. Those attending are mentored and supported in a way that complements their academic studies.

Student Engineers Council
The Student Engineers Council (SEC) organizes academic and social events aimed at producing future engineers in Qatar

Qatari Student Association in Texas A&M-Qatar
Dolphin Energys support for the Association aims to further add social value by supporting young talented Qataris driven by their love and passion for their country.

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Dolphin Energy works closely with Qatar University (QU) to help foster the link between education and industry. Each year, this partnership grows stronger and strategic. Through the Annual Cooperation Agreement, Dolphin Energy sponsors and supports a number of QU’s activities.

Life is Engineering Program (LIEP)
This is the QU College of Engineering’s flagship program targeting and promoting STEM subjects among Qatari high secondary schools to choose engineering as a future career.

Gas Processing Center (GPC)
The QU Gas Processing Center addresses diversified problems, challenges and opportunities facing the gas processing industry. The Center’s long-term objective is to achieve sustainable development of Qatar’s vast natural gas and hydrocarbon resources. Dolphin Energy is a founding and consortium member of the GPC and is a sponsor of its biennial Gas Processing Symposium.

International Gas Processing Symposium
The International Gas Processing Symposium is a primary international event targeting international scholars and key industry leaders. The symposium not only strengthens the link between education and the energy industry, but also fosters debates and discussions to help highlight the importance and challenges facing gas processing. The symposium includes plenary sessions presented by industrial keynote speakers, technical sessions, workshops and training seminars led by expert presenters.

Gasna Competition for Schools
Organized by the GPC, “Gasna”, which means “Our Gas”, aims at increasing students’ awareness on the importance of the energy industry. Dolphin Energy sponsors this significant initiative to foster future engineers and young leaders to contribute to Qatar’s development and prosperity.

Qatar University Annual Research Forum and Exhibition
The Annual Research Forum and Exhibition brings academia, industry and concerned stakeholders together to address the community’s challenges. This collaboration between academia and industry contributes to promote quality education, research opportunities and enable effective learning in Qatar. The forum provides a myriad of opportunities for practitioners, scientists and graduate students to advance in their academic and research experience. The event features panel discussion sessions, distribution of Research Excellence Awards and Research Poster Awards. Dolphin Energy’s sponsorship to this event aims at encouraging students to embrace research in the interests of developing solutions that will help drive the industry forward and help put in place a roadmap for scientific progress for future generations.

CENG Engineering Week
The event targets female/male secondary school students to raise their awareness and motivate them to pursue engineering major. The event is also designed to promote Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) subjects among local schools. This outreach and community engagement platform has positively affected many young minds and provided them with a unique opportunity to engage with engineering experts through practical and interactive activities.  Dolphin Energy takes pride in investing in the country’s youth as part of its support the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Annual Senior Design Contest
The contest provides students with opportunities to interact with each other and demonstrate their creativity and teamwork skills. The contest also provides a platform for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and schools to focus on the growing market demand for computing professionals.

Conference on Education
Organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dolphin Energy sponsored the Conference on Education for the first time in 2016. The conference addressed four main educational issues: modern educational leadership and its role in quality management; 21st century competency-based education; public and private education between school and university; and creative solutions for early childhood educational challenges.

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Abu Dhabi Science Festival

The company is a main sponsor of this international standard science fair which aims to motivate young people across the UAE to engage in science, technology, The company is a main sponsor of this international standard science fair which aims to motivate young people across the UAE to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through a series of workshops, shows and interactive exhibitions. The event is in its seventh year.

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College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CONAQ)

Dolphin Energy is firmly committed to the full development of its National employees by providing them with varied training opportunities to enhance their skills.
Diploma Courses
The company offers National Technicians and Operators opportunities to attend the Technologist Diploma Course at the College. On successful completion of the courses, candidates will be given further opportunities to progress to management/leadership positions. In addition, Dolphin Energy and CONA-Q have collaborated on developing other career opportunities.

Relations with CONA-Q has been enhanced and the company intends to take advantage of the new Technical Program (TP) designed by Qatar Petroleum (QP) and industry to help enhance the level of Qatarization percentage in the energy industry.

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Qatar Independent Technical School Annual Career Fair

Dolphin Energy has participated in the Qatar Independent Technical School (QITS) Annual Career Fair since 2012. Other career fairs which the company has supported include:
• Qatar University Career Fair
• Education City Career Fair
• CNA-Q Career Fair
• Cultural Day at Hamad Bin Khalifa University
• Education City Awareness Session
• Ta’allum Group's Annual Career Fair
• Tawdheef

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Al Tamakon Comprehensive Education School

Dolphin Energy sponsors Al Tamakon Comprehensive Education School for students with special needs.

The ABSHER Initiative

The Absher Initiative was launched to support the creation of new jobs for skilled Emiratis in the UAE labor market. To support, Dolphin Energy has committed to the recruitment of 100 nationals over a seven year period between 2013-2019 and will also train 500 nationals for entry into the private and public sectors.

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THINK Science

Think Science is designed for UAE youth between the ages of 15-35 to develop their knowledge in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI). The program was set up in 2012, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education and Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. Dolphin Energy has been sponsor since 2013.

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Previous Initiatives

Young Future Energy Leaders Program

Abu Dhabi Industry Awards

UAE Higher Colleges of Technology

Plant Design Award Contest, Qatari Engineer 2030 Study, Engineering Education Workshop

Carbon Capture Workshop by Texas A&M University