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Dolphin Energy Ltd. has successfully registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our VAT Registration Number is: 100012226500003.


Dolphin Energy Ltd. has successfully registered for Dhareeba Tax Portal with General Tax Authority (GTA). Our TIN Registration Number is: 5000436444.



Dolphin Energy not only follows Government legislation and industry practice but also supports the region's leading environmental and technical organizations.

Current Initiatives

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

As a founding member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, Dolphin Energy continues to take an active interest in the Group’s development and growth. The company is also a sponsor of the annual ADSG Sustainable Business Leadership Forum.

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Emirates Environmental Group

EEG aims to contribute positively to the advancement of sustainable development in the UAE, helping concerned authorities to increase the level of public awareness on all local and global environmental issues.

The Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Environment

The Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) is the body responsible for regulating all aspects of the environment in the State of Qatar. The ministry also ensures that all operators in Qatar including Dolphin Energy comply with the State environmental regulations and requirements and issues permits such as ‘Operating Permit’, ‘Environmental Authorization Permit’, and ‘Waste Disposal Permits’, etc. so that the company can conduct its business. Both parties have worked closely on several environmental protection programs (e.g. turtles, coral reefs, dugongs, artificial reefs, etc.).

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Ras Laffan Industrial City Community Outreach Program (RLIC COP)

The RLIC COP is an industry-led initiative focused on ensuring a two-way engagement process with the community, allowing for collective innovation and decision-making.

Dolphin Energy is one of seven founding members of Program whose mission is to engage with and contribute to the lives of the communities living in Ras Laffan and neighboring areas:
Parks Refurbishment
Dolphin Energy is involved in the refurbishment and enhancement of several parks that serve the communities of Al-Khor, Ras Laffan and neighboring areas:
• Al-Ghashalia Park
• Hlitan Park
• Sifa Al Touq Area Refurbishment
• Coastal Hill
• Solar Charging Stations in Al-Shamal Parks
• Al-Khor Plaza Park
• Al-Qurma Beach Park
• Al Shuaa Natural Reserve
• Sharq Garden

Entertainment and Exercise Area Projects
Dolphin Energy is involved in several projects that focus on sports and leisure. This includes Al Furjan Stadium in Al-Khor which features energy-saving, environmentally friendly facilities. Another project that received the company’s support is the Al-Dhakhira beach walkway refurbishment and bicycle track extension.
In addition, RLIC-COP in cooperation with Al-Khor Sports Club ran a Ramadan Football Tournament to discover new talent and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement for football.

Education and Safety Projects
RLIC-COP in cooperation with Qatar University ran the Al Bayrag Program for students in the northern community and the International Junior Scientific Olympics competition; both focus on science development and innovation for young students.
Additionally, RLIC-COP ran Al Gannas Falconry competition to preserve the sport and support falconers in Qatar. Other Projects include the Safe Journey campaign to equip students with road safety skills through engaging and fun ways and the Bedar Workers project that focuses on workers’ hygiene and safety.

Social Development
Dolphin Energy was involved in Maqad Al Duha for retired women, to keep them engaged with the local society by using their expertise to educate the new generation on the importance of traditions, culture and other important fields.

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Emirates Foundation for Youth Development

Dolphin Energy is a founding sponsor of the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development, one of the leading philanthropic foundations in the UAE today. The Emirates Foundation for Youth Development represents a unique, multi-sector effort to create new opportunities for the youth of the UAE. The Foundation has worked hand in hand with the private sector and in collaboration with public sector peers to deliver social value through philanthropy.

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The Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Energy Awards

Dolphin Energy supports Al-Attiyah International Energy Awards that are given annually to individuals for their Lifetime Achievement in the advancement of the global energy industry. In addition, the company contributes to Al-Attiyah foundation through an annual members funding.