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VAT Registration Details

Dolphin Energy Ltd. has successfully registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our VAT Registration Number is: 100012226500003.



Dolphin Energy is committed to endorsing initiatives that help develop young, talented UAE and Qatari Nationals. It supports a number of programs that are focused on career development and personal fulfillment and includes the following.

Young Future Energy Leaders Program

The Program is encouraging young students to think about the future of energy and the challenges ahead. The plan is to nurture their interest in this field and develop them into the future energy leaders.

UAE Higher Colleges of Technology

Dolphin Energy has worked with the UAE Higher Colleges of Technology to support engineering graduates with a blend of practical training and work experience.


Dolphin Energy works closely with Qatar University to help foster the link between education and industry. This is done across a number of platforms.

Life is Engineering Project
Created by Qatar University and supported by Dolphin Energy, this project develops skilled Nationals to lead in the field of engineering and science and provide hands-on experience and exposure to the environment of engineering and management.

Plant Design Award Contest
The contest includes two capstone courses in the Chemical Engineering curriculum and constitutes the culmination of four years knowledge and design experience building for future chemical engineers graduating from Qatar University. Dolphin Energy acts in an advisory capacity.

Qatari Engineer 2030 Study
Designed to prepare and develop engineers for the future, these studies examine the changes taking place in the engineering profession and anticipate the requirements future engineers will need to succeed.

Engineering Education Workshop
Dolphin Energy sponsored various workshops conducted by Qatar University as part of its commitment to enhance cooperation with a number of education organizations in the State of Qatar. This has enabled Qatar University to prepare students to meet the requirements of the labor market upon graduation.

Gas Processing Center
Established in 2007, the Qatar University Gas Processing Center addresses diversified problems, challenges and opportunities facing the state of Qatar's gas processing industry. Dolphin Energy is a founding member of the Center and a proud sponsor of the Center and its annual Gas Processing Symposium.

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College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CONAQ)

Dolphin Energy is firmly committed to the full development of its National employees by providing them with varied training opportunities to further enhance their skills.

Diploma Courses
The company offers National Technicians and Operators opportunities to attend the Technologist Diploma Course at the College of North Atlantic Qatar. On successful completion of the courses, candidates will be given further opportunities to progress to management/leadership positions. In addition, Dolphin Energy and CONAQ have collaborated on developing other career opportunities.

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Tamakun Comprehensive Education School

Dolphin Energy sponsors Tamakun Comprehensive Education School, the first institution of its kind to develop and nurture children with special needs.

Abu Dhabi Industry Awards

Dolphin Energy has supported the Awards which aims to encourage young Emirati students to excel in their chosen areas of study. It is the company’s belief that youth should be supported, regardless of their academic discipline.


Dolphin Energy has formed a close alliance with Texas A&M to provide three important initiatives.

Summer Program
A summer internship program provides students with the opportunity to get a flavor of the working environment. Those attending are mentored and supported in a way that complements their academic studies.

Student Engineers' Council
The Student Engineers Council is designed to attract top engineering students by providing opportunities to engage with companies and learn more about the opportunities in engineering. A Career fair, Engineers Day, Conference, student survey and field trips complete the activities.

Carbon Capture Workshop by Texas A&M University
Held over two days, and attracting speakers from across the world, the workshop gives industrial operation/engineering/environmental managers, technical advisors, regulators and other stakeholders insight into latest developments in carbon capture processes and practices.

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Abu Dhabi Science Festival

The company is a main sponsor of this international standard science fair, which aims to motivate young people across the UAE to engage in science, technology, engineering and maths through a series of workshops, shows and interactive exhibitions. The event is in its sixth year.

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Qatar Independent Technical School Annual Career Fair

In alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which recognizes education as one of the pillars of the state’s future sustainability and prosperity, Dolphin Energy participates in the Qatar Independent Technical School (QITS) Annual Career Fair.

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The ABSHER Initiative

The Absher Initiative was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs to support the creation of new jobs for skilled Emiratis in the UAE labor market. To support, Dolphin Energy has committed to the recruitment of 100 nationals over a seven year period between 2013-2019 and will also train 500 nationals for entry into the private and public sectors.

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